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No to the coup d’etat towards Catalonia and democracy

The Platform for the Right to Decide of the Valencian Country condemns the decision taken by the spanish government, controlled by the Popular Party and supported by the Socialist party and Ciudadanos. This decision is a coup d’etat undercovered by the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. In practice, this means that the Catalonian rules of self-government and Catalonians’ right to decide is being is being eliminated - even though the Catalonian people has repeatedly claimed their will to use their individual and collective rights.

In Decidim we want to express our total solidarity and compromise with the right to decide of the Catalonian people and their democratically elected institutions. We demand to the spanish government to make a step back in this unfortunate decision, that respects the rights of the catalonian people and to open a respectful dialogue. Guaranteeing the civil and political rights, and taking a democratic approach.

In Decidim we are making a call to valencian political parties, trade unions and civil society to claim for democracy, right to civil and political rights and against the coup d’etat towards Catalonia - which is a new “Nova planta” decree. The valencian people knows first-hand what this decree means and we won’t wish this for anyone.

Decidim claims that the application of article 155 represents an undercover coup d’etat because it forces the interpretation of spanish law in a self-interested manner, skipping democracy and its laws. This, whilst especially serious to Catalonia, is also a warning to any other nations and peoples like us, in case we try to expand our collective rights and move forwards our right to self-government.

In this moments, from Decidim we reaffirm in the exigence of the immediate release of the presidents of the civil society organisations ANC and Òmnium, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. Their ideas should not be a crime.

País Valencià 21-10-17

Plataforma pel Dret a Decidir del País Valencià

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